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Pure RawHoney
Made by the Bees of Arlington and Luray Virginia


We began beekeeping in 2020, with three colonies of bees.  The idea for Beane Family Farm began on a family trip to the Adirondacks in New York.  I came across an article in the news that described how the honey bee population was decreasing and the effects that decrease will have on our planets food supply.  The article contained information on a program in Virginia that offered free beekeeping equipment to people who wanted to raise bees as a hobby.

Reading this article lead to my son and I discussing our environment and what he thought about global warming and mans’ effect on our environment. After some discussion we decided to apply for the free bee equipment from the state of Virginia.  Unfortunately, we were not selected to receive the equipment so we decided to build our own beehives. We built hives that had observation windows in them so that we were able to see the bees as they built comb and stored honey in them.  Photos of these hives can be seen in our photo gallery along with many photos of our Apiaries and honey extraction process.

Our honey is produced naturally without the use of chemicals in Arlington and Luray, Virginia. Varroa mites infest beehives and in an attempt to keep our bees healthy and happy, we treat them with Oxalic Acid which occurs naturally in many foods.  We sell our honey at local farmer’s markets as well as here online.        

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